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Great Lakes Cobra Club (GLCC)

An organization dedicated to Cobra enthusiasts of all kinds!

Whether you own a Cobra, are thinking about building a Cobra or are simply captivated by them, this is your central resource for all things Cobra related.

Our focus, as a Club, is to unite like-minded Cobra enthusiasts (and we are not exclusive to Cobras), build life-long friendships and to create an environment that encourages camaraderie and driving our cars.   If you are interested in joining the GLCC, please click here for membership information.

Our event calendar is always evolving so check back frequently for event opportunities and meeting details or sign-up for weekly updates (see form on the right).



July 12, 1944 - March 11, 2016


July 12, 1944 - March 11, 2016



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Our Next Event:
Detroit UDCA’s (University District Community Association) 2016 Home Tour (Coordinator - Amie Ross), September 11, 2016
Enjoy a historic home tour in the Ross' neighborhood. More details to follow regarding meeting at the Ross' and going together (and I am sure cockt...

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Robert & Brenda McNamee
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Country Cruise
GLCC ByLaws Amended March 17 2016
WWDC Snake-Pit Events - 2016
WWDC 2016 Treat Sign-up
WWDC 2016 Volunteer Sign-up
GLCC Shirts and Hats Brochure and Order Form
GLCC Woodward Dream Cruise
Lake Hop July 16th
2016 Woodward Dream Cruise
June 14th 2016 Monthly Meeting and BBQ
GLCC - 2016 Woodward Dream Cruise
Cruise to Motorwerks and Zukey Lake Tavern with Bob Lutz
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Sep. 11, 2016
High Octane Detroit
Sep. 11, 2016
Detroit UDCA’s (University District Community Association) 2016 Home Tour (Coordinator - Amie Ross)
Sep. 17, 2016
GLCC Visits Factory Five Build School at Mott College! (Coordinator - Jeff Grice)
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Zukey Lake Cruise June 18th 2016
GLCC Picnic Pontiac Yacht Club 6-14-16
2013 SS Camaro
Bill Gill may 2016 Tech event Cobra, Viper and Tbirds
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